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Massage from $60/hr     

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Hi, my name is Cat, and I would like to share my  favourite things about Thai culture with you. 


Thailand is  famous for its’ massages, food and  focus on beauty. Thai life is about harmony, balance, simplifying complexity, and appreciation of beauty in all of it's forms.

I would like to give you an affordable experience, so that you may be able to regularly enjoy some of the everyday pleasures that Thai's take for granted.

 Cat Jack 

Thai Body Massage   
Thai Foot Massage
Oil Massage   

Beauty (allow 30 mins per treatment)

Cooking (allow 30 mins per meal, prices are per person)
1 meal class 
2 meal class 
3 meal class 

Price is for tuition, take home recipe sheet, and take home meal.  Check my Food page to see the recipes available.  You choose what you would like to learn.