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Hi, my name is Cat, and I would like to share my  favourite things about Thai culture with you. 


Thailand is  famous for its’ massages, food and  focus on beauty. Thai life is about harmony, balance, simplifying complexity, and appreciation of beauty in all of it's forms.

I would like to give you an affordable experience, so that you may be able to regularly enjoy some of the everyday pleasures that Thai's take for granted.

 Cat Jack 


Go anywhere in Thailand, whether it is Bangkok or any small village, you will find a beauty shop on every second corner.  Thai women (and some men!) like getting their hair and nails done, and makeup ready for a night out, or just so they feel and look good every day.  

There are some very fancy shops that specialise in nail works of art, but most are offer a quick, convenient, and inexpensive service to help with the basics.

It is about pampering regularly and making it affordable.

The old saying is "I know it like the back of my hand".  Everyday we look most at our hands, and wouldn't it be nice if your nails looked beautiful everytime you looked.

My manicure is about trimming and shaping your nails, trimming your cuticles, nail file, hand massage and application of a basic colour or buff and polish if you desire.


Feet deserve the same love and pampering.  Just because the world doesn't see them all the time, we see them everyday.  Besides getting a pedicure is relaxing.

My pedicure treatment is the same as the manicure treatment above.  

Thinking about going on a night out?  Want to get your makeup done.  Bring your friends and get made up together.  

I can also help you to understand more about the choice and application of makeup, to enhance your everyday makeup experience.

Thai Body Massage   
Thai Foot Massage
Oil Massage   

Beauty (allow 30 mins per treatment)

Cooking (allow 30 mins per meal, prices are per person)
1 meal class 
2 meal class 
3 meal class 

Price is for tuition, take home recipe sheet, and take home meal.  Check my Food page to see the recipes available.  You choose what you would like to learn.