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Hi, my name is Cat, and I would like to share my  favourite things about Thai culture with you. 


Thailand is  famous for its’ massages, food and  focus on beauty. Thai life is about harmony, balance, simplifying complexity, and appreciation of beauty in all of it's forms.

I would like to give you an affordable experience, so that you may be able to regularly enjoy some of the everyday pleasures that Thai's take for granted.

 Cat Jack 

About Me

I am from the North Eastern Region of Thailand, also known as Isan. This part of Thailand borders Lao and Cambodia and the food, architecture and even language dialects are a mixture of these cultures.

Food is a very important part of Thai family life, and we take great care to prepare meals that everyone will sit down and enjoy together. I was taught from an early age by my grand mother and my mother how to prepare food. I have run and owned my own restaurant, 

I have a University degree in Business and Marketing and to pay for my tuition, I sang for a living. Love of music runs in my family, with my Mother winning many awards. I sang for many years as the lead singer of some popular Thai bands.

I was trained since a little girl how to massage and assist people with muscle problems and pain, particularly with older people. I have been formally trained at Wat Pho massage school in Bangkok, a school reknowned the world over for teaching Thai traditional medicine including massage.

I have settled in Australia now with my husband.

Thai Body Massage   
Thai Foot Massage
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Beauty (allow 30 mins per treatment)

Cooking (allow 30 mins per meal, prices are per person)
1 meal class 
2 meal class 
3 meal class 

Price is for tuition, take home recipe sheet, and take home meal.  Check my Food page to see the recipes available.  You choose what you would like to learn.